When competing in T.R.E.K. with a horse that was eager to run, I was invited to a race, overlooking that according to the rules I was too young, because they badly needed some more participants. What should be just a one-time occasion emerged as my whole new equestrian perspective that  brought me to Freudenau (Vienna, Austria), where I became a licenced amateur rider. Addicted with the adrenaline of racing I switched from a warm-blood to Thoroughbred and later passed the Trainers’ test and begun training for one of the biggest Thoroughbred owners in Slovenia, which represents my biggest client even today.


Head Lad and Training rider

Saša joint our team recently, overtaking the place as a Head Lad. He started to ride racehorses as 13 years old boy and he rode his first race at young age of 15 and won it. He continued his racing career in Serbia and later on he worked for big and prominent trainers in Italy. He has nearly 500 wins on his account, but not only that, he is very experienced yard worker and we are looking forward to a new – upcoming season with him.


Ground Lad

Neša came to our team on recommendation of his brother Saša. He grew to tall to be a rider as his brother, but his love to horses remains from childhood. His immediate dedication to team and love towards horses impressed us all. His trustful, optimistic, calm and relaxing character is like fresh breeze for the whole team. His sharp eye and gentleness are definitely something what I can`t miss during racing season traveling with horses around the Globe.


Par time training rider

Young boy, trying to climb high, with his stubborn wish to succeed in this sport, he manage to open the doors to join team. Trying hard to finished his school obligations, he is helping our team as often as possible, but with all his love to racing, what makes him an important part in puzzle of our success.


Pre-training rider and re-schooling riderIMG_7428a

When we were looking for a training rider, there was this pushy dressage rider not far away from the barn, who wanted to get some experience with racehorses. Finally I gave up and let her try, convinced that she will give up very soon. But I was wrong. After more than five years she is still with us, not so involved in active race training, but as a person, who introduces horses to riding and re-schooling them after they quit running. Her heart is in the dressage rally.


Part time re-schooling rider

She joined our team on recommendation of her sister Andreja after we were unsuccessfully trying to find a suitable training rider for quite some time. She proved to be even more dedicated to racing as her sister and she bears with us for half a decade – from the time we have been training our horses on the fields in Slovenia to the times we moved to a more serious training and racing environment.


Drone and video support

A film enthusiast, who tries his best to show the world how great it is to ride a race horse and is really happy if there is a sunny day with a fast workout scheduled. Always creating new ideas, how to shoot the next scene and trying to be in more places at one time – you would not believe it – with all his equipment, toys and gadgets he actually succeeds!


Part time rider

Young and dedicated lady, helping at pre-training preparation, as well as at training yard in Magna Racino.