PRETORIAN (GB) succsessful at Kincsem Park

Pretorian Zoran Pretorian

The bookies did not favour him as the potential favourite (the story is repeating), only to face a headache when Pretorian stuck his head over the finish line ahead of all the other horses. He proved that his 4th place in Turf Gala was in fact the consequence of (too) deep running and the result in that race would be completely different if the sky did not literary open up just before the race.

We are really looking forward for his next races and we are confident that he is going to confirm his abilities again soon. Maybe this time the bookies will learn to respect more the Pretorian/Zdenko Smida tandem. Zdenko’s fall at the start of Pretorian’s previous race was just an unfortunate event and not something to joke about.

valorous Influence

Valorous Influence (SVK), on the other hand, had his own ideas about the race and gave Zdenko Smida no chance to use his jockey skills. He finished on the 8th place and we have to rethink the plans about his further racing activities.

(All photos by: Zsanett Berta)