Tie Em UP Tel (IRE), 2015

Owner Stall Philipphof
Pedigree / Photos of Tie Me UP Tel

Zwegat (GER), 2010

Owner Frank Zappe / Žak d.o.o. Žiri

He was brought to us at the end of his un-illustrative 3-year-old racing season, what was probably a consequence of his hard racing with only 2 years of age. We managed to freshen him up, but were still learning about his special needs throughout his 4-year-old racing season in which he showed us that he is returning to his real potential. For 2015 we have really high hopes of him and in trainings it looks like he has no intention of disappointing us. He always tries to give the impression that he is a real macho, but under this façade there is a gentle horse, which loves a carrot and a pat on the neck.

Pedigree / Photos of Zwegat


My Brilliant Star (GB), 2016

Owner Star Kingdom Racing 




Pretorian (GB), 2012

Owner Žak d.o.o. Žiri

A sparrow, possibly to become an eagle. With the looks of his father we hope that he will run at least a bit like him as well. We gave him time because growing was one of his primary occupations until now. After he eats up he always takes a nap, regardless of the activity going on around him. He always manages to surprise us with some very non-horse behaviour – being it demanding to wear a cap, undressing his stable rug in a Houdini fashion or just crossing his hind legs comfortably, while enjoying his tasty meal.

Pedigree / Photos of Pretorian



Nives Rive (ITY), 2017

Owner Victoria Racing


Unique Pilot (GB), 2014

Owner Koruna Academy


Vlkyrie Freya (IRE), 2016

Owner Žak d.o.o. Žiri

Amondo (GER), 2009

Owner Stall Lanzarote