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New season with a new team started sensational.

First and second week of the new season racing behind us with a great results. After last year collapse due to a EHV virus in the yard, we started with fresh, not yet super fit horses, but looks like we are on the right way.
First week new imported Puramente, raced for the first time and finished 3th with our apprentice rider Shu Murakami on board.
Second week 3yo Tie Em Up Tel, ran for the first time this year against older horses and was 2nd coming from the tail of the group at the end.
On the same day we raced our 8yo stallion Zwegat, after a year of no racing in Gd 3 race over 1400m. He was holding his record time on AW track from 2016, but not only that he won again, but he broke the record by 1s.
I am proud on my new team, their time spent for wellbeing of the horses and results are coming.

Looking forward for another thrilling weekend ahead…but more on that on Monday 🙂

European Jockey Cup 2016, Prague 24. 9.

This race is… a bit different than the other races.

First the handicappers assign the handicap marks (murky business, believe me, with the rules bent according to the likes and needs) and then the trainers of the entered horses choose the jockeys one after another – according to “handicap placing” of each horse.

We were able to secure Jaroslav LINEK for Pretorian (GB) and Jozef BOJKO for Zwegat (GER). Pretorian will start from gate 2 and Zwegat from gate 16.