Here we are… imposters from Slovenia, who had to turn over the Austrian system in order to be able to secure our horses the training conditions they deserve. It was intense with plenty of dirty tricks, but eventually it turned out OK for all. We moved to Magna Racino in August 2013 to witness the fall of Austrian racing. But not all is lost. There are people who still care and who still believe and who don’t want the tradition to die (with me and my whole team and the owners included) . Right now we have to participate in the races at the tracks abroad, mainly neighboring Bratislava and Budapest, but there is a ray of light trying to penetrate the cloudy skies above Ebreichsdorf.

We all hope the officials will recognize that Mr. Stronach built the excellent facility of Magna Racino – saving no expenses – primarily for horse racing and not (just) horse jumping. Would you imagine that one of the finest racehorse tracks in this part of Europe advertises itself with the photos of jumpers and racing cars? This would surely not happen in France or UK.

This MUST change and it must change quickly. No racing means no horses, that results in no jobs and subsequent no qualified people and that leads to lack of interest from the owners, who run the whole thing with their investments. We faced this vicious circle in Slovenia and I really hope I will  not be a witness of it again here, at Magna Racino, where right now they award trotters with winner cups and interviews, whereas the galop winners earn just a winning photo and a rosette.

Hopefully me, my team, my owners and especially the horses under my care will contribute to the change of this ill trend.